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Since 2017 our project tries to inform players about news through social media, improve translation and work on Czecho-Slovak wikipedia and tries to provide a background in form of Discord and Minecraft server

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Are you intrested in news or facts from MC? Do you want to have fun with various activites, surveys or livestreams? Do you have any problem or question? This is the right place!

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For more united community. You can share your work, MC servers, find friends...

TeamSpeak TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak 3

Do you like communicating, but don't know where or with whom? Visit our TS3!

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Don't like something on czech or slovak minecraft translation? Suggest a change!

Wikipedia Wikipedia

Minecraft Wiki

Are you looking for something about things from MC or would you like to write anything yourself? You can on the official czech and slovak MC wikipedia!


Our project offers different types of collaborations in the form of sharing on Facebook, Discord and on our server for same services from your side.
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Hosting of various gaming (Minecraft, CS:GO...) and virtual (VPS, VDS, VPN) server.
Partner in time May 2018-2019 and then since April 2020

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RPG server with bosses, skills, treasures, PvP and more.
Partner since April 2018

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Here you can be too

Do you wanna be our partner and share together? Contact us on Facebook, Discord or Instagram! We can offer also sharing for specificic payment.

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International server with Survival with mines, spawners, SlimeFin, bosses, dungeons, treasures, special enchants, alcohol, etc..., Semi-Vanilla with teleportation and other functions and minigames like Paintball, Murder Mystery, Hunger Games and Mob Arena.
More informations on server page

Server page